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Whether you are building a simple data-acquisition based test system or a complex distributed embedded system, we can help.

Software Development and Architecture

Whether you need software written from scratch or are adding the latest update, we work with you to identify the requirements and use programming best practices to efficiently implement quality software.

Team Augmentation

If you're moving up your release schedule or just need an extra hand, we are ready to jump in and join your team. We are experienced in adapting to different development methods and team personalities.


We teach National Instruments certified courses as well as custom-tailored courses just for you. Let us know your goals and areas of interest and we can work with you to define a curriculum that meets your needs.

 About Us

About Us

Choose Movement Consulting actively employs the skills fostered by the Choose Movement in order to effectively provide you with software development and training services geared towards your success and growth.

Choose Movement is an organization focused on social responsibility and dedicated to empowering businesses, communities, and individuals with advanced skills to maintain high internal standards in the areas of personal accountability, development, judgement and team problem solving.

Choose Movement Consulting, named accordingly to showcase its participation in the program, employs these skills in everything we do. As such, we are well equipped to provide long-term solutions while maintaining a high social standard. You can be confident in receiving high quality work that appropriately fits your requirements and considers your future plans for success and growth.

Our Team

A Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified LabVIEW Embedded Systems Developer, Certified TestStand Developer, Certified Professional Instructor, and LabVIEW Champion, Will Schoettler is currently the most highly certified LabVIEW developer in Minnesota. His projects have been showcased on CNN, VOX, and KXAN Austin. He has been published in Popular Mechanics, MAKE Magazine, IEEE Spectrum, Fortune, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Jalopnik and more.Erich Schlieper, a Certified LabVIEW Developer and Professional Engineer, has over 20 years of Test Engineering experience focused on PXI and embedded systems in the Medical, Aerospace, and Industrial Test industries.Luke Jarocki, a Certified LabVIEW Developer, is a trained Applied Physicist with experience in robotics and autonomous navigation. Previous experience in tensile testing on superconductors at cryogenic temperatures.We are a small team with high standards and the experience to get the project done.
Will Schoettler
Will Schoettler
Managing Director
Erich Schlieper
Erich Schlieper
Principal Systems Engineer
Luke Jarocki
Luke Jarocki
LabVIEW Developer

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